Google Boost: AdWords Meets Maps

Google Boost: AdWords Meets Maps

Meet the latest advertising initiative from the world’s largest search engine: Google Boost. Available in the US since late last year, Google Boost is now rolling out in Australia. The new feature dynamically integrates Google AdWords (Pay Per Click Advertising) ads with Google Maps, adding paid to organic within Location Based Search.

As seen in the above picture, and possibly also in various Google searches recently, a blue pin is starting to appear in the AdWords ads and adjoining map to the right hand side of the Google SERPs (search engine results pages).

The blue pin represents a location marker, helping local business’ PPC ads show up on the Maps. The new distinct blue pin features prominently in the Maps, and is easily distinguishable amongst the organic red pin listings.

The aim of this is to achieve more qualified clicks, as searchers in an advertiser’s local area can clearly see where their business is located. Another benefit is if searchers are specifically looking for a nearby competitor, as the business with a blue pin on the Maps will probably get noticed first.

So, how do you get a blue pin in your PPC ads?

  • Make sure you are running a Google AdWords PPC Campaign.
  • Set up and register your business within Google Places.
  • Review Ad Extension options in your AdWords Campaign Interface.
It is important to note that the blue pin will not appear for every ad, only if you are in the top 3 AdWords positions for that particular keyword.
For more information about optimising  your Google Adwords and Maps campaigns with a blue pin, contact us today for a chat with one of our Online Business Strategists or your dedicated Client Manager.
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