Google Analytics Android App Released!

Google Analytics Android App Released!

Google Analytics has finally made its way onto the Android phone/tablet system by way of a new mobile app, creatively titled “Google Analytics”. The app was released at the end of June and is available on the Google Play store here.

It’s quite a “light” app at only 1.7mb and allows you to easily see all your Analytics profiles in one place and generates reports on each of them. The app is quite easy to use and very intuitive. Anyone who is familiar with the desktop Google Analytics suite should feel quite comfortable with the data that is shown on the mobile app.

There are four main areas which can be navigated to by sliding the screen horizontally, they are as follows:

  • Real-Time
    • # of active visitors on the site
    • The channel in which those visitors arrived (e.g. email, direct, organic, etc)
    • The top currently active pages
    • The top current referrals
  • Dashboard
    • Graph of the Daily Unique Visitors
    • Daily Goal Conversion Rate
      • “Sampling Interval” can be set to Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly
      • “Metric” is set to “Unique Visitors” by default but can also be changed to display different metrics that you may be familiar with such as new visits, visits duration, bounce rate, pageviews etc
      • You also have the ability to “Advanced Segment” your data to show only from new visitors, paid search traffic, mobile etc
  • Automatic Alerts
    • A set of alerts that are automatically set up when the expected performance of a metric based on its history differs from what is actually happening (more information here).
  • Custom Alerts
    • A set of alerts you’ve setup yourself in your GA account.


This app is quite handy for quickly looking at stats however it isn’t as powerful as the full desktop suite of tools. I’d still recommend using the desktop over the mobile version if you have a tablet/large screen device.
While this is a long overdue step in the right direction from Google, it’s a shame to see the app not full-featured considering their development cycle is “mobile first“. Regardless, the app has over 100,000 downloads so far and is rated 4 stars by over 700 people, so many seem to like it. Including me – I definitely recommend it for smaller mobile devices and look forward to seeing updates in the future.
What are your thoughts on the app? How have you found it so far? Looking forward to discussing with you!
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