Google Analytics gets Trackbacks

Google Analytics gets Trackbacks

Google Analytics continues to get new and improved features. In the past few weeks we’ve seen load time and social tracking as new additions to the Analytics family. The newest toy is trackbacks.

If you’re unfamiliar with trackbacks, here’s a very simplified explanation:

When Blog A links to Blog B, Blog B is automatically notified about the link from Blog A. What this means for you is that each time a new link has been created to your blog, Google Analytics will automatically notify you about the link, as well as showing you the URL and post title it came from.

This feature hasn’t appeared yet on any of my Analytics accounts but it’s only a matter of time before we begin seeing this rollout in action. I’m very excited about being able to see which posts and pages are generating trackbacks.

You should be too. Knowing which pages are generating you backlinks will help you immensely in generating the right kind of content for your visitors. Because chances are, if you’re generating backlinks, then you’re also generating sales or leads or followers.

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