Google Analytics: Improved Custom Reports, More Metrics, Custom Navigation

Google Analytics: Improved Custom Reports, More Metrics, Custom Navigation

The upgrades and value adds keep coming as Google continue to roll out new and improved features for Google Analytics. The search engine company’s web analytics gurus have been actively gathering user feedback on each new set of updates, and based on a lot of that they have come up with the following additions:

  1. Simplified Custom Report Building
  2. Additional Metrics and Dimensions
  3. Custom Navigation
These new powers are fantastic for laying out your reports and navigation exactly the way you like them, giving you more flexibility to tailor Google Analytics for maximum efficiency.

Simplified Custom Report Building
The custom report builder has been simplified so the overall process of creating and editing custom reports is easier than ever before. Sections are clearly labelled and metrics are shown on a single page, so you don’t need to keep switching tabs anymore. You can also drop and drag metrics and dimensions to reorder them as you like.

Additional Metrics and Dimensions
Who wants more metrics to help you better understand your website? I do! The Google Analytics team have added 45 additional metrics and dimensions inside custom reports to give you greater insights. The new metrics span across areas such as:
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Goals
  • Site Search
  • E-Commerce
  • Advertising

Custom Navigation
The ‘New Category’ button on the Custom Reports dashboard allows you customise the reports that show up on the main navigation on the left-hand side. This gives you easier access to the reports you use most often!

I encourage you to get in on the action and try out these new features for yourself. Also, while Google are in this receptive mode and are actively encouraging users to give them feedback on how to improve things, I say jump right in and let them know what you like and what you’d like to see! Leave your feedback here.
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