Google Analytics: Non-Interaction Event Tracking

Google Analytics: Non-Interaction Event Tracking

Google has just announced a nifty new feature: Non-Interaction Event Tracking, which allows you to track events without it affecting the bounce rate of the targeted page.

Normally adding event tracking (such as clicking a link) affects the bounce rate of a page, which in some scenarios can potentially skew your web statistics (see below). Now, adding the new script (opt_noninteraction) tells Analytics to disregard a particular event from bounce rate.

So when would you use this?

Let’s take a look at an example below:


An example of how Non-Interaction Event Tracking can be used (Click to View Full-Size)

Above you can see a promotional slider that would automatically switch between banners without the need for any engagement from the user. Google’s new feature is a convenient way to enable event tracking without skewing the bounce rate, especially when promotional campaigns such as the above are run. Naturally you would want to gauge how effective these particular campaigns are by adding event tracking. However, without Non-Interaction Event Tracking, this will skew the homepage bounce rate and not give you a clear indication of how conversion-friendly your homepage is, since promotions would vary throughout the year.

By adding an optional small snippet to the end of the current event tracking code, you’re able to do so:


Setting opt_noninteraction to true will indicate that the event will not be used in the bounce rate calculation. All other event tracking code that is currently live is set to false as the default and plays a part in the calculation.

In the scenario I just described, Non-Interactive Event Tracking allows you to better measure user interaction with your website. What other ways can you think of to make use of this neat new feature?

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