Google Analytics Real Time

Google Analytics Real Time

I am sure you have all noticed that the internet is getting faster, and I don’t just mean just the page load speed… the speed of change and growth is also increasing. More and more people are developing websites and more and more people are choosing to go online to research and shop instead of going to traditional physical stores.

For all of you that use Google Analytics, I am sure you agree that the tool is great for evaluating past performance of the website and analysing what your users are doing (after the fact), but it isn’t always as fast as you would like it to be. Well, now there is no need to wait any longer! Google has just released a new feature called Google Analytics Real Time, which allows you to set new reports and show what is happening AS IT HAPPENS!

For example, previously if you had posted a comment on Facebook or Tweeted about a new product that had just launched, you would be able to look in Analytics only on the following day or week and to measure the impact it had. But now you can see it all in real time.

A great example of how this new feature can be valuable is in the management of online marketing campaigns. Obviously, when you establish a new campaign you hope the tracking is working properly, but now you can test it and see the data straight away. This will mean that you can be 100% sure that the tracking is working properly before sending your new campaign live to the public.

Overall, this new feature to Google Analytics looks like it will be a killer tool… I hope you all like it as much as I do!

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