Google Analytics Updates – Data Analysis Improves

Google Analytics Updates – Data Analysis Improves

I am a massive fan of Google Analytics, I won’t lie. In fact, I probably spend too much time each day over analysing Analytics data. Today the industry is buzzing based on Google’s Analytics Update Post

Adsense Integration is great for web publishers in monitoring how well the site is doing financially. However, for those of us that make a point of looking at how our website is performing overall, the new advanced Segmentation is the real winner. Now we can group keywords and visits together with performance, breaking it down to levels that would normally require us to perform custom data analysis in house. Identifying exactly what is performing to the most minute detail is something that I have longed for in Analytics for a long time.

The pretty Motion charts will definitely look great on our client reporting we provide, as well as helping us better co-relate different metrics together.

The best news of all however? We are slowly, slowly getting the API that we have been desperately seeking for so long. Mixing our analytics data with our other information sources we benchmark with would provide us with the highest level of reporting for our clients and their websites.

Now all I need is for Analytics to break down performance by days and time and I will be over the moon.

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