Google Caffeine: Results on Steroids

Google Caffeine: Results on Steroids

Google has just released news that Google Caffeine will be rolling out to their worldwide data centres tonight. Unlike the hundreds of other updates that Google makes every year, this single change has been described as “huge”. Early reports indicate that this new addition to the world’s most famous search algorithm will provide search results that are 70% fresher than what is currently in place.

Google claims that this new change will deliver much more relevant and user-friendly results. Searches will run much faster, and it is rumoured that Caffeine takes up close to 100 million gigabytes, or 100,000 terabytes, of storage in a single database. Another way of measuring it is 100 petabytes – to put that in perspective, “petabyte” isn’t even recognized by Microsoft Word’s dictionary.

Google veteran Amit Singhal said that the primary focus of Caffeine is to improve the user’s experience.  After all, Google’s objective has always been to provide its users with the most current and informative pages.

Normally pages are indexed by Google after one of its “spiders” has crawled the pages for various information and updated the search engine’s index.  After the release of Caffeine, it is said that sites won’t take weeks or months to appear in the results pages, but minutes.

Google does not anticipate too much public backlash, but has warned that search results may fluctuate with Caffeine. The updated algorithm is said to favour the new over the old to a higher degree, so pages which are new or frequently updated may gain even more rankings at the expense of those which have remained stagnant.

This means that after Caffeine goes live, when you search through Google the most current and up-to-date sites and information should be available first. Invaluable knowledge for both users and webmasters.

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