Google Chrome Browser Finally Updated

Google Chrome Browser Finally Updated

Google’s own open source browser Chrome was launched on the 2 of September 2008. With very little in terms of updates and improvements over the last year we were beginning to wonder if Chrome was ever going to get any further attention. Last week that all changed as Google announced its new stable version release, Version 3 well version to be exact. This release is packed with 3,505 big fixes, 51 developer changes, 21 beta and 15 stable updates.

These updates are sure to ease the transition of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox users to Chrome with its promising new features, high stability and speed.

Just some of the advantages of this upgrade are:
– Even faster browsing
– HTML 5 Supported
– Theme Customisation

We encourage any regular internet user to give Chrome a try. Chrome has attempted to increase its market share (as we mentioned here), and these features are sure to help with the cause.
For more information on the latest Chrome release please visit the Google blog here.

Helpful Hint:

Make sure your web site can be viewed correctly with the Google chrome browser. Google Chrome uses the same engine to drive it as Mac’s Safari so if your site renders perfectly in Safari, it is highly likely that it will do so in Chrome. There are a couple of instances that we have come across were this was not the case so it would be worthwhile to just double check your site.

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