Google Insights for Search: A Useful Tool

Google Insights for Search: A Useful Tool

Google has a myriad of useful tools and services to help us research, measure, track and analyse various aspects for our SEO and PPC campaigns.

Google Insights for Search is a great resource to find out what search terms people are searching for, where they are searching from, and when they entered a particular search query. It is great to gauge future trends for specific search terms.

Insights for Search can be narrowed down to very specific metrics. Here are some examples:
– Compare up to 5 specific search terms
– Identify searches made within the Web, Image, News or Product sections of Google
– Focus on a specific time period

The results will present:
– Search data of period of time
– Rising search terms
– Regional interest
– Top related searches

Recently one of my clients in the moving industry was concerned as his traffic to his site has dropped off quite a bit during August. Being new to the industry, he was not 100% sure what seasonal variances could be expected. After jumping on Insights and plugging in a few related keywords around his service industry, we found that the search volume had decreased at this same time for the last two years. This valuable information has prepared us for the New Year in regard to certain strategies and budget for my client’s PPC campaign.

Researching with Insights search is also great for:
– Keyword research
– Competition
– Economic trends
– Seasonality
– Customer curiosity

Below is a quick 60 second overview of Google Insights for Search:

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