Google Instant Launched – What Is It?

Google Instant Launched – What Is It?

About 2 weeks ago, we reported that some users had stumbled upon Google testing servers where they found what was known to the search industry at the time, “live search” features in Google. You can see our original article here.

Now, E-Web Marketing can report that this is being seen much more often and has been officially named as “Google Instant” by Google themselves!

Google describes “Instant” as a new search enhancement capable of showing results as you type, feeling this was the best way to go with search after discovering that people type slowly but read quickly – often taking 1/10th of the time to read results as compared to typing queries! Their main objective is to get people better search results, faster.

The benefits that Google have listed on their official site include faster searches (claiming saving 2-5 seconds per search), smarter predictions (to help you out when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for), and instant results (helping you see where you’re headed – before you get there!)

Sounds pretty exciting and is probably one of the more revolutionary leaps forward in search engines since the introduction of “search suggestions” a few years ago.

An official introduction to Instant can be seen below:

The Google Instant Launch event that took place today (08-09-2010):

If you’re not seeing it yet, you can try turning it on here and test it out (note: you need to be signed in). Google intends to turn this on by default for those that can support it (IE: fast internet connections and modern browsers) but users will also be able to turn it off should they not like it.

As discussed in our post back in August, the effect it has on SEO is easy to understate however to say the game has changed completely would be an overstatement. Google instant increases the value of a well executed SEO strategy – it will be more important than ever to rank for more keywords both short and long tail, as users may see something interesting before they finish their search and be enticed to follow through on those!

Google plans to start rolling this feature out over several days to users signed in to a Google account. If you don’t see it yet, check back soon and make sure you’re signed in!

Official Google blog post can be found here.

We’d be more than keen to hear everyone’s thoughts on this matter. Has the game changed? Do we like this new feature? Is it annoying? Let us know!

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