Google Invest in Undersea Cable

Google Invest in Undersea Cable

Google appear to have outgrown the capacity of major telco’s through new products and services, and have in turn gone into investing in higher speed broadband initiatives.
Google intend to help fund the development of an undersea cable between Japan and the US to enable a higher rate of bandwidth.

Other companies that are investing include: Bharti Airtel, Global Transit, KDDI, Pacnet, and SingTel, making a total investment of $300 million in the construction of a 10,000 km submarine cable.

The high speed cable will have a capacity of up to 7.68 Tbps and will run between the United States and Japan, about 6,200 miles.

This will well and truely leave Australia in the dark ages in terms of digital divide. I wonder what is happening with Kevin Rudd’s new plan for a higher speed network? The government released a document entitled ‘The Broadband Blueprint’ in which it outlined a future development scheme, which to date has not been carried out.

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