Google is Keeping SMEs (YOU!) On Their Feet

Google is Keeping SMEs (YOU!) On Their Feet

In the past 2 months Google has made significant changes to their search engine which will alter the way your page ranks and how users will interact. There are a multitude of articles on these changes and it may be a bit over whelming. What you want to know is, “How will it affect MY business?”

Google Instant

What Is It? – This feature is visible as soon as you start typing into the Google search engine. You may notice that as you type, suggestions on what you are searching for appear below the search field – and these suggestions change for each letter you type.

Why – Google has noticed a trend that searches by users are increasing from 2-3 words, to more commonly these days 5-8 words. This has prompted Google to predict what it is that you are trying to search for in an attempt to speed up your search. It also means that they are assuming a lot of things.

Impact – It can be seen that the suggestions that are coming up in a search are what Google has found to be the most relevant and most searched terms. This has a significant impact in term of what words you want to include as part of your AdWords campaign.

Benefits for You – More and more so paid ads are becoming a priority for searches as they come up before the rankings in the natural search. In order to get ads to appear on a search, then you must have the right words as part of your AdWord campaign. Use Google Instant to find out what words are more relevant for you and your business and to maximise your AdWords campaign budget.

Google Places

What Is It? – Google is trying to detect if the user is trying to find a location-based result. If they are, then a map with the location/area that is being searched for will come up, along with the relevant points of interest. All this appears just below the paid ads, and above the natural search results.

Why? – Google want to make their search engine the go-to place for searches relating to online and offline businesses. Google is making in-roads to many different facets of travel and location based searches and this is one of them.

Impact? – In short, if you want to be found by searches and be on-the-map, then you should be making sure that your business can be found on Google Places.

How You Can Benefit? – Google allows location based businesses (and individuals?) to create a Google Places profile. This is actually quite simple and is a matter of completing all the relevant information for your website. Once this is complete, it should be regularly updated as you are all aware that new content is a ranking factor. Ensure that you complete your profile so that Google can help you get your name out there.

Google Instant Preview

What Is It? – As part of page rankings, Google will provide a preview of your website so that users do not have to have to click on your link in order to view your webpage.

Why? – Google has decided that website owners should be maintaining their homepage, and providing as much relevant and useful information as possible to save user time. They don’t believe that a user should have to click onto a website to view something that is cluttered or messy and then have to go back to the search page results.

Impact? – First impressions last – make sure that your homepage is up to scratch, aesthetically pleasing and not full of useless information and/or colours that will deter the user.

How You Can Benefit? – Research has shown that users make up their mind about whether they want to continue their experience on a website within the first few seconds. If information is cluttered and hard to find, they will usually opt for another site that probably has similar information and is easier to find. Use this to your advantage. If your website is ranking 3rd, you can get your page ranking 1st simply by changing the aesthetics of it to look better than what the current 1st rank page looks. The more clicks you get, the higher the chances you will soon rank 1st.

Don’t let it swell – make your move and leave the competition behind!

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