Google Knows Your Job Aspirations Before You Do

Google Knows Your Job Aspirations Before You Do

Google has always been known as a breeding ground of creative technology, however their long term projections have predicted that the leaking of talent is going to cripple them in the long run, so they are working on an algorithm that will detect which employees are most likely to leave the company.

Over the last few years, some of the biggest start-ups in the online world have come from ex-Google employees. Facebook and Twitter are probably the best known of these start-ups. Although the general public gains something from the competition, Google loses some of its best and brightest, which in this current economic climate they can ill afford.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the algorithm is based on a number of factors that Google has seen shared between the staff members that have left the company. For obvious reasons, the factors that make up the algorithm are closely guarded secrets with the online giant, however they have said that the feeling of “being underused” is one of them.

The use of an algorithm to determine employee’s future plans will undoubtedly split opinions. Is this data analysis taken too far, or just the natural extension of what a good HR Manager would do mentally? With any system, if there is garbage in (poor data feed into the system) there is garbage output. Will the paranoia of bosses stop employees from honestly expressing their feelings? Although this most likely won’t completely replace Google’s HR department, it is a harbinger of possible future directions of employee relations

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