Google Live Search Results – Coming Soon?

Google Live Search Results – Coming Soon?

Google is currently testing/possibly rolling out a new, revolutionary feature that will display searches as soon as you type them! Yes, that means no clicking “search” or pressing the enter key – as soon as you type a keyword your results will be displayed and changed as you type!

Typical of Google, these live search results features are not available on all servers and will only pop-up if users are lucky enough to stumble upon what’s known as a “testing server”. Some features that get tested on these servers never make it to the public Google but dependent on performance, many do.

An example of what the feature looks like is shown below (funky music in this vid to boot!):

What impact will this have on SEO? We predict it will be more important than ever to rank for more keywords – both short and long tail as users may see something interesting before they finish their search. As far as ranking algorithm goes we suspect no significant changes will be noticed as this is more of a visual/speed change.

Rest assured, when/if this feature is finally rolled out, we’ll keep everyone informed of our findings and open the floor to any questions you may have!

UPDATED 09-09-2010:
Google Instant Launched

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