Google Maps Adds Traffic Congestion Support

Google Maps Adds Traffic Congestion Support

Google maps is looking at incorporating new technology into their already wildly popular system, which would allow users to see real time traffic issues, so they could avoid congestion.

This system has already been trialled in the US, with some success, especially in the traditional gridlock locations such as Los Angeles. With the rise in Internet capable mobile devices, drivers will be able to make adjustments on the fly to their route.

The technology to do this in Australia will be supplied by Intelematics Australia, a company that already has the technology. The initial roll out will cover roads along the East Coast, including regional areas.
The way Intelematic’s system works is through a wide range of sources, which include in road sensors and cameras throughout the covered areas. One of the advantages of this system is that it uses the traffic light controller data in each area.

As of today, Google has launched the product for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Included in these major cities are satellite areas such as Woollongog, Geelong, the Sunshine Coast and the Central Coast.
After playing around with the system this morning (it’s research boss, I swear!) the system has plenty of potential- you can plan your journey using the normal Google interface, and then have the traffic overlay. By dragging your route, you can avoid any congestion in planning your trip. Once on the road, you could use a mobile device (or at least get your navigator to do so) and see how the progress is coming along, and whether the traffic has cleared up.

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