Google Maps Domination

Google Maps Domination

Google is a billion dollar corporation, and basically controls the flow of information on the internet.  They have introduced brilliant ideas such as Google Goggles (if you haven’t seen this, I suggest you check it out!) the Android operating system for smart phones, and many many others!

The one aspect of this industry that I love is the ever involving nature of SEO and online marketing.  The difficulty of this is the unknown.  What is Google alpha testing? How will this affect my clients, and how can we take advantage of this?

An interesting blog post on shows Google maps taking over! A search was conducted of “car rentals nyc” and instead of the normal Google Maps listing in the top real estate of the page, Google Maps was  the entire first page.

This looks to be a new results page that Google is testing, and normally it is quite some time between testing, launching, and rolling out to the world wide data centres.  What this does show is the different strategies needed for you business to receive leads in the changing market place.

In this example, we can see that Google Maps is prominent, and highly valued by Google. It can also be seen that adwords are still very important, and prominent – as it always will be.

If this is rolling out, or even if the idea is up in the air, conformity is a must! With no organic search results on the first page, how are people going to buy your products or services if they can’t find you?  Location based keywords? Get Google Maps, or potentially be left behind.

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