Google Maps Now Allows User Editing

Google Maps Now Allows User Editing

In an effort by Google to ensure Google Maps are up to date and accurate, they have now changed the service to allow users with a Google account to log in and move the markers on the maps so that they are in the right place. If you see something misplaced, such as a marker for your business address or even your own home you can fix it up by dragging the marker to the correct position on the map.

What you can’t do is go rushing out and purposefully move your competitor markers to Tasmania as the Google folks, being the clever people they are have already thought of that and will log changes and allow users to report abuse. Even though these measures are in place, to save yourself time and headaches, it’s important if you are a business owner to claim and verify your listing so that others cannot make changes to your marker position.

Local search is growing rapidly, and those who use Google for searches daily would have noticed that certain location-specific search terms now show Google Maps results in the top 3 positions – so get onto Google maps now and ensure your business is listed and that the pointer is in the correct position to help your customers find you!

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