Google on TV

When you think of Google, you don’t think of television ads. Google has always seemed to be the group nailing the coffin shut on TV advertising, by offering a cheaper, more targeted form of advertising. It seems that there has been a slight change of tact, with Google investing in their first foray into TV advertising.

These ads will be shown on select cable networks in the US, trying to sell people on their web browser, Chrome. We have looked at Chrome in the past if you would like more information.

There have been 11 ads commissioned by Google, which were originally released on Youtube. One of the ads alone has seen over 100,000 views on Youtube. This was not the only place where the ads were seen: Google was using its own ad network to drum up support for Chrome.

As Google already owns the ad space that it will be targeting, this is hardly a desperate tactic to try and gather more market share (at the moment Chrome has 1.4% of the market share), but rather a simple, low risk endeavour. The following haiku sums up my feelings on the matter.

Google on TV?
Does not mean desperation
But new horizons.

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