Google Places Can't Live Without SEO

Google Places Can't Live Without SEO

Google’s new algorithm makes a well-optimised Maps listing in Google Places second to none in the category of cost effective marketing, and an absolute necessity to location-based businesses. However, just setting up a free Place page is not enough to guarantee a spot in Google Maps. Now more than ever, with competition between businesses for Maps listings at an all-time high, Google is taking new ranking factors into account.

Here are some things that you’ll have to consider if you want your Place page to rank in Google Maps, particularly in a competitive industry/area combination:

Does your website have good SEO?
This search engine friendliness of a business’ website now affects the performance of that business’ Place page within Google Maps, much more than it did before.

Are your keywords relevant?
Keywords are a core compontent of the ranking algorithm, so ensure that your Google Place page includes keywords that directly relate to your business.

Does your Place page have reviews?
Google favours Place pages that feature reviews left by users. Promoting customer reviews of online services has always been a hard task, but you should encourage feedback from your satisfied customers in order to boost your local search authority. If you make your business as transparent as possible, Google will place more value on your listing, and also your customers will appreciate your honesty. Remember, any unethical manipulation of positive feedback will be penalised by the Google.

In general, the closer you are to the Maps location, the more likely your Place page will appear in the Maps. Google aims to improve the user experience by refining listings based on the proximity of a business to targeted geographic keywords, but what happens to companies that target many different cities? This is where SEO helps, by improving your online visibility through techniques such as creating location-specific landing pages and optimising the code within them.

With more people relying on Google Maps results in search, the inescapable conclusion is that SEO has become more important than ever to being found by customers online. The best method for online visibility is to use a combination of search engine marketing techniques.

E-Web Marketing is able to help by determining how the needs of your business can best be met. We offer tailored online marketing solutions including Search Engine Optimisation, Google Places Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing and many other strategies. Give us a call today!

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