Google Shopping

Google Shopping

More and more Australians shop online. How convenient would it be, if Google Shopping was in Australia?!

Now is the time! Google is delighted to announce that Google Shopping is available in Australia.

Google Shopping – What is it?
Google Shopping is a product search engine- it helps users search for product information online, allows you to compare prices, and also find a retailer where you can make the purchase from.

Why is Google Shopping so good?

  • Google Shopping uses Google’s search technology to help you find products from online stores across the web, and directs you to the best place to buy;
  • It helps you find any product, regardless of how unpopular they are, at the best possible price;
  • It shows results instantly. You will be able to see photos of relevant products, and will also be provided links to stores that sell the product you are looking for;
  • Google Shopping does not accept payment for displaying products in the search results page, so it is unbiased. The results are ranked automatically based on the relevance of your search terms;
  • It also shows product reviews so you can see what other people thought of the product before clicking through to the store to choose.

How will it benefit retailers?

Google Shopping makes it easy for users to find your products, thus brings in traffic and potentially sales for your website, whether it is a large or small business.

All that a retailer needs to do is:

  1. Sign up free to Google Shopping,
  2. Submit a catalogue of your products to the new Google Merchant Centre.

In addition to Google Shopping, retailers already using Google Adwords can choose to advertise their products using Product Extensions. Product Extentions will use the product information submitted by the retailer and automtically display all the information in the ads when relevant.

Google Shopping will definately help your business gain more exposure. Ask your campaign manager today for information!

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