Google Social Search

Google Social Search

Social media has over the last few years been a huge part of the online world but difficult to access though the use of a search engine. This is all about to change. With all of the main stream search engines not only Google looking heavily into social media integration. Attaining information across all social media platforms in the near future will be only a press of a button away.

Google is in constant change and is always looking to better its performance in keeping up with the fast pace of the search engine world. There are many possible additions to the Google search engine on the horizon, one of these announced recently and launched in an experimental ground just yesterday is Google’s social search.

Google Social search is the integration of social networking data into the search results. This data is pulled from websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and integrated at the bottom of a normal Google search when signed in to a Google account. If there’s relevant social media content written by people in your social circle, it will automatically show up at the bottom of your search results under a section called “Results from people in your social circle”. You will only be able to see additional results if you have updated your Google profile to list your social media accounts and are signed into your Google account at the time of the search.

Most think that this new service will impact the way the search engine operates for regular search but this is not the case. The Social Media search feature will only be an addition to the very bottom of your search results in the beginning at least from what Google has announced so far. Beyond this it will also be placed in the additional search options pane of the Google search page. Only by selecting the “social” search filter will you receive the social media results.

A testing ground of this service has been launched for people to try and can be found on the below link.
Google Experiment
Please note that for this to work for people residing in Australia you will need to perform the required keyword search and then remove the .au from the end of the URL. For example a search for the term “seo” gave me the following URL:

Only by removing the .au from the end of was I able to see the social media results.

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