Google Street View Cars Back on Australian Roads

Google Street View Cars Back on Australian Roads

It has been some time since Google was last on the Australian roads (August last year) taking 360 degree imaging of our streets for use on the Google map street view feature. In this time many of the street view aspects have become very outdated and irrelevant so the cars are back in town to re-film many of Australia’s streets.

Apart from getting updated footage, the Google map vehicles will also be equipped with more advanced recording equipment this time. When this new footage is launched sometime within the next year we will have much clearer and detailed views of the surrounding objects for zooming. Some important items that this will enable us to see more clearly are house numbers and restaurant names.

Its fleet of what looks to be Holden Astra’s (below) will commence at the beginning of December, so keep your eye out for one and ensure you are on your best behaviour.

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