Google Tag Manager: Less Code, More Flexibility, More Control

Google Tag Manager: Less Code, More Flexibility, More Control

Measuring and tracking data is very important to any online campaign, and choices tracking data software are endless. Here is a sample of software options that allow webmasters to view visitor data, including where people click on-page:

Why Track User Behaviour?

Tracking user behaviour on your online business helps give you the right insight so you can make better informed decisions to optimise your online marketing.

However, there are some disadvantages. For instance, it is common to install multiple different codes on your website to track different actions only to get frustrated when:

  • the Web team takes days, weeks or even months to implement code
  • the new code breaks the website apart
  • the new code slows the website down

Issues like this can delay campaigns by weeks or months, in that time; you can miss valuable opportunities, data and sales.

What’s the solution?

I would like to introduce to you, the Google Tag Manager. It is a powerful free tool which will help you reduce the time and money by letting you, be in control of your digital marketing and your website (you don’t need to understand code!)

Google Tag manager allows you to update all your tags from the Google Manager tag instead of editing website code.


  •  Reduce errors
  • No involvement from web developer
  • Instant code automatically copied to website
  • Free
  • No new account required, can use existing Google account
  • Flexible to change
  • Customisable options available

How it works

Watch this video to get a demo on how to set-up a campaign in Google Tag manager, it takes less than 4 minutes!

  1.  First step is to login to and create a Google Account or login with your existing one
  2. Create a container for your domain name, it is suggested to name it after your website name
  3. Insert the provided code on every page of your website (you only need to get your web developer involved this one time, once and never again!) onto your website similar to your Google Analytics into your website. Now you have 100% control.
  4. The container you created will hold all the code you need to install future for any tracking programs you have whenever you want
  5. You have the option to set some IDs and labels to your tags for easier access and you can also apply rules to your tags – for example, if you only want certain codes to be tracking the Thank You page of your website only.
  6. When you are done, click publish and your code will be inserted onto your live site automatically
  7. You can make changes and add code in any time, it’s as simple as copy and paste
It’s that simple! I recommend you have a look at the Google Tag Manager website, it will really help make your campaign more efficient and less frustrating. To find out more about this tool, visit



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