Google To Launch Digital Bookstore

Google To Launch Digital Bookstore

Watch out Amazon and Apple, Google has announced they will be launching an online e-bookstore in June/July, ‘Edition’, and plan to have 500,000 titles to launch.
In 2006 Google started to invite publishers to the idea, however until now with the current advances in web browser technology has this plan ever been feasible.

How will it work for users?
Any internet connected device that has a web browser like the IPad, Smartphone or personal computer,will be able to have access to the e-books. Unlike Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader, users will not be tied to using a certain application to view their purchases. Once the book has been purchased, users will then be able to also view their book offline.

How will it work for publishers?
Google says this avenue will help publisher’s derive more revenue from their works online, as well as being able to sell from their direct website. Publishers will receive 63% of the gross sales, with Google keeping the remaining 37%. Online retailers, such as Independent bookstore will also be able to take part by paying Google a fee, with 45% going to the publisher.

What is still currently unknown is Google’s pricing scheme as well as if Australian web users will be able to purchase these books.

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