Google Toolbar 7

Google Toolbar 7

Yet another new tool has been introduced by Google.  Google is constantly creating tools that are aimed at benefiting the user, and are definitely makeing them more and more user friendly.

So what has Google got installed for us now?  Those with Internet Explorer 7 and 8 (those who aren’t already on IE9) can now use and experience the same functions a Chrome user can! The Google Toolbar 7 can be installed on your browsers now.  Functionalities include speeding up your searches and reverting back to what you were doing quicker.  Also it puts the tools you use the most right at your finger tips!

What else does Google Toolbar include?

  • Toolbar instant- type in the toolbar’s search box, and search predictions and results will start appearing in your browser immediately in real time as you type, the same as what will happen when you go on to type in a search query.
  • Google Toolbar 7 learns how you use it- Tools you use most will stay visible, ones you haven’t used in a while will be moved to the ‘more’ section.
  • Search for specific info- Helps you find out not only the page you’re looking for, but also the part of the page most likely to have your specific piece of info you need.
  • Translation- If you land on a page that is in a foreign language, the toolbar automatically offers to translate the webpage for you.

To learn more about the Google Toolbar 7, please watch the video below:

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