Google TV – Coming Soon To a Home Near You

Google TV – Coming Soon To a Home Near You

Google TV – this should be an interesting turn for the search giant. Many have attempted this platform, and many have failed.  But none so far have been as forward-thinking and as user friendly as Google.  So, what do we know so far?

Google TV is basically an operating system that is plugged into or built into a normal TV.  You can then search the internet for what you want to watch, and Google TV displays it, and plays it for you.  What are the advantages of this?  Well… Who wants to sit around a 15inch LCD monitor when you have a 42inch with surround sound and a comfy lounge chair? I know what I would do.

The newest press release states that Google TV be built into new Sony TVs.  As a senior Google executive stated, Google TV is open standard and other TV manufacturers are already at work developing new Google TV based products.

It is thought that the other manufacturers might include LG, Panasonic and Samsung.  What is so good about this?  Sony will not dominate the market, and charge what they want.  This means that you could see a price war, and cheap Google TV coming to Australia in 2011.

Sony will be releasing the first Google TV units in the USA by the end of 2010, but due to geographical restraints and country regulations the first release to an international market will be pushed back till 2011, or perhaps later.

But with most boundary-pushing products, the first release is generally buggy, and at times it is advantageous to wait for the technology to catch up with the idea.

This is a very exciting time as the Internet and domestic products become more and more integrated.  As far as the future holds, the sky is the limit.

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