Google Unsure About User Editing

Google Unsure About User Editing

One area Google’s search algorithm doesn’t really consider at the moment is user opinions of its results. With other Web 2.0 products that soley rely on user feedback (StumbleUpon, Digg, etc), Google at present relies on mathematical formulas and its PageRank alogrithm to chose the position for its results.

However, recently they have been testing user feedback with select groups and with the data they have collected, considering whether to push this live across its search engine. What that will mean is that users will be able to comment, report links and – the most interesting of all – re-rank and remove search engine results. What implications this could have is anyones guess, with the key concern is whether or not certain individuals will be taking advantage of this and actively hurting competitors results. Matt Cutts, a Google Enginee, commented that “I’m very excited by it and I hope that it does work out,” (source).

It will prove very interesting if Google does choose to implement this across their search engines around the world and definitely move their engine to the next level.

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