Google Users Stick Like Google Goo

Google Users Stick Like Google Goo

With all the talk surrounding Bing in the last few months (and this blog has certainly been a part of continuing the hype) Google is still King when it comes to search.
ComScore conducted some research comparing user loyalty between Yahoo, Google and Microsoft users – and it was shown that Google’s users are most loyal to that search engine above all others.

This certainly poses a threat to Google’s challenges, as users who search with Google are 70% more likely to return to that search engine.
Further, Google searchers conduct an average of 54.5 searches a month, double the number of searches that Yahoo! and Microsoft users conduct combined.
Currently, Google’s overall search share is at 84%, whilst Yahoo and Microsoft are currently at 73%.

So, what is the challenge for these other engines?
Well it seems that they would have to create such a compelling user experience that will enable them to convert these lighter searchers into repeat visitors. Without providing their users with something new and different, it seems that these search engines will always be second best when compared to Google.
At this stage, with Google’s algorithm being as sophisticated as it is and the quality of results being so good – it is no surprise that Google users are sticking to the search engine like glue.

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