Google Voice: One Number for All Phones

Google Voice: One Number for All Phones

For a little over a year, Google has been testing out a new service for users known as ‘Google Voice’. The preliminary success of the service has lead to it recently being released to the public.

With the complexity of modern day phone and mobile communications, many people have various numbers such as work, home and mobile. This can cause headaches when trying to contact someone, as you may need to call all three numbers and leave three different voicemails.

Google has claimed that Google Voice is the solution to this sort of problem. The service’s major benefit is all your different phone numbers can be combined under one umbrella “Google number”, so anyone trying to contact you does not need to bother with remembering and calling different numbers.

Other Features include:

  • Do not disturb function
  • SMS to email
  • Block or screen various callers
  • Free text reply to phone calls
  • Shared voicemail linking all phone numbers
  • Great mobile applications
  • Conference calling

Google Voice is currently only available in U.S. and Canada. However if the service proves successful there, we can expect to see it being expanded to other locations.

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