Google Wants In On TV Advertising, Too

Google Wants In On TV Advertising, Too

It comes as no suprise that since Yahoo has made a few announcements about its plans on mixing TV and Internet, Google also it seems has been working hard on a similar project. Google wants to take its massive search marketing model and transport it to the television, replacing mouse clicks with remote control clicks. To be able to tell what time and program a television viewer switches over from an ad is possible with the latest in digital television technology.

Whilst this does sound good in theory, once again its not just a matter of implementing the network and away Google goes. AdWeek reports:

“I don’t think Google is going to own TV advertising,” said Roger Barnette, president of SearchIgnite, an advertising bid management system. “They can in search because everyone goes to to do a search. They’re not going to own TV networks. They’re going to be a technology middleman.”

“It seems that the television establishment, both the buyers and sellers, are likely to want to buy it person to person,” said David Graves, an analyst with Forrester Research. “Changing the way TV is bought and sold is a not-insignificant task.”

If Google plans on pushing its weight around on the television advertising world, a tried and tested medium for decades, they might not get the welcome that they are desiring or expecting.

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