Googlebot Now Has the Ability to Execute AJAX/JavaScript

Googlebot Now Has the Ability to Execute AJAX/JavaScript

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Back in March, Google released information on how to “Make your AJAX Applications Crawlable” which showed a step-by-step method on how to make your AJAX/JS search engine friendly. The latest news comes this morning as Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that the latest Googlebot update, allows Google’s famous search bot to execute and crawl dynamic AJAX/JavaScript comments on websites.

Such exciting news to learn this morning as previously Google (for whatever reason) has struggled to do this over the years. Comments such as those from Facebook and others that are dynamically loaded by AJAX or JavScript (such as DISQUS comments) can now be executed, crawled and indexed by Google – exciting times!

Whilst it is doubtful that the links produced in these comments will give any significant value to the website they’re linking to, it is still a big leap forward for the search engine giant and a necessity now with how rapidly the internet is changing and going more “social”. It will allow more information to be shown in the index and faster.

While there isn’t too much information at this stage detailing how this is actually possible, there is speculation and different write-ups surfacing around the internet with claims that Googlebot is based on Google Chrome and therefore has the same crawling abilities as the browser – scary.

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