Google's AdSense for Video Units is Departing

Google's AdSense for Video Units is Departing

A post on the Inside AdSense blog has announced the latest in what truly is becoming a “list” of initiatives by the search giant’s various arms, legs and appendages to be axed.

As you may know, we frequently review our products and features to ensure their effectiveness. After reviewing our AdSense video units feature, which allows you to show YouTube content and ads on your pages, we’ve found that it hasn’t had the impact we had hoped for. As a result, we’ve decided to retire this feature at the end of April so we can focus our resources on other opportunities to help publishers earn from their sites.

In other words: “We are not making enough money, so those few of you that ARE making money from it… well… too bad.”  However, as this refers only to the placement of video units in your pages, rather than the display of video ads through AdSense image ad units, or AdSense for video that is available to video content creators, the impact should be quite minimal. I myself know that I’ve not made squat from this after trialling it on a couple of sites – however comments left on the Inside AdSense post would indicate that some users were indeed making some cash and will miss it.

One disgruntled web commentor had this to say:

failure of the video units happened because of googles lack of guidance on how to use them..and for the few who figured it out on there own like me did make some money 🙁

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