Google's E-Commerce Search

Google's E-Commerce Search

Australian online retailers are now at an advantage, benefiting from Google’s E-Commerce Search platform.  Trailed in the US and UK, and now to be released in Australia.  This is a big step forward to sales conversion for larger E-Commerce websites.

Concluded from data released from PayPal, 40% of Australia’s online retail spending is actually thrown overseas, also that online retail spending will increase from $24 billion (2009) to $33.8 billion (2012).

Why is all this revenue being pushed overseas?  Google’s head of retail, entertainment and consumer products, William Easton says “less than 50% of the top 50 retailers in Australia don’t have a comprehensive in-site search.  We can compare this to walking into a retail store and being ignored by the sales person.”

So what is this? Basically Google’s search algorithm working for you internally, with features that would benefit an E-Commerce store.  The search is powered by Google, but the user interface is custom built by the online store owner.

E-Commerce search has many features used to make online shopping easier and quicker for the user, ultimately creating more sales.  Filters are available allowing you to refine searchs, and featured products are viewable toward the top of the page, and even Google’s famous spell check it also provides infrastructure for up to 50,000 products!!

This platform has shown success throughout the UK and the US, and is now available in Australia for a small fee: US$25,000.  Peanuts in comparison to the potential revenue generated from happy and repeat customers.

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