Growing Your Brand Via Online Contests

Growing Your Brand Via Online Contests

Every business should look at the alternatives available to them in order to continually build hype and excitement about their brand. Let’s face it, with so many brands competing for the market’s limited dollar – what can your business do to get potential and current clients talking about you.

One way in which this is possible, is through online contests in which you can work to get clients excited about your brand and keep them buzzing about the end offer – which is of course a prize. The key is to align this prize with your brand’s message to make the impact even greater. The trick is to ensure that the contest you plan to run stands out from the rest. This means the right preparation.

Creating the right idea
It’s all in the planning stage and the first step is that you need to figure out what you want from your contest. The question to ask yourself is what can your contest offer that will lead to your objective be it brand awareness, or enticing visitors to sign-up for a newsletter.

Then let the fun begin! What crazy (yet manageable) ideas can you and your team come up with? Think of your target market and think outside the box. You will get points for being different rather than imitating something that has already been done. The idea is to relate your brand name with something innovative and exciting.

Time Frame Involved
In regards to the timeframe involved how long is the entire process going to run for? This includes the idea generation stage up until the time when a winner is announced.
The types of contests that are most successful are the ones that give people the right amount of time to do what you intend. When you decide what you want the users to do (create and post a video or create a blog post) it’s essential that you have the resources to handle it. It’s also important to find the balance between keeping the contestants in the loop without annoying them until the contest ends.

Contest Promotion
What’s the point of creating a contest if no-one hears about it! This is where social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook can help generate the buzz to get people excited about your contest. The benefit of this is that these marketing outlets will give you the opportunity to get a whole new market excited about your brand. Sure, most people’s primal interest will be in the prize however take this opportunity to be bold and try new things.

And the winner is…
So how does it all end? You have drawn people to your site and they are excited about what you have to offer – so how will you ensure that the final announcement packs the biggest punch? It’s important to remember that all of this new found attention (and potential new customer base) needs to be fostered to reap the contest’s long term benefit.

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