Guru Analytics 1: A Structured Approach to Web Analytics

Guru Analytics 1: A Structured Approach to Web Analytics

I am of the opinion that if you want to learn something then you need to go to the source. When it comes to Web Analytics there is one person that you can rely on for the most current, cutting edge and detailed information and insights into the complex and existential planet of Website Analytics: Avanash Kaushik. I have read a heap of Mr Kaushik’s work and know that he truly is a Web Analytics guru. From his personal blog, books and regular appearances on Web Analytics TV with Google, we can see that he lives and breathes web analytics. In this series I am going follow his work and breakdown some very important theories and strategies Mr Kaushik floats into the ether, so that you may lend on his genius to improve the analytics success of your website.

In our first splash into the ocean of web analytics, we will look at a very logical and strategic model that should guide all business approach. The first step? Define what it is that your business is about and what the specific goals are for your website.

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Kaushik advises that you should define your objectives making sure they are DUMB: Doable. Understandable. Manageable. Beneficial.

I challenge you to sit down and write our your business’ website objectives and then next week we will come back for the next step in this series where we will look at the KPIs you can use to measure these objectives. I hope that this series will make Guru Analytics easy and accessible for you and so that you can apply them to your business and website to bring greater value and understanding to your online activities.

I acknowledge Mr Kaushik’s work and recommend that for much greater detail and insight you visit his personal blog, Occam’s Razor.

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