Guru Analytics 2: What Gets Measured, Improves!

Guru Analytics 2: What Gets Measured, Improves!

Welcome back to Guru Analytics! In this post series, I’m working through breaking down some really cool, valuable and business-relevant Web Analytics theories, from the Google Guru Ananash Kaushik (fully Shik aye!).

In my last post I ran through how to relate your business objectives to your website, enabling you to come up with a solid raison d’etre that will guide why and what to track. In Part 2, we take a small step forward and look at the most insightful metrics for tracking your objectives. In the words of the sales great, John Lawhon: ‘What gets measured, improves.’ And this is exactly what we want to happen!

Often it can be a case of metric overload for some Web Analytics juniors. Bounce rates, visits, pageviews, avg. time on site/page, click-through, referral traffic, page views per visit, conversions and page exit ratio, oh my! The list goes on. Click here to find out about what some of these metrics are.

Kaushik’s wisdom on how to choose web metics? The Guru believes they should have the following charateristics:

  • Uncomplicated
  • Relevant
  • Timely
  • Instantly useful
Your homework for this week is to take these simple factors, apply them to the metrics above, and choose which will be most effective for monitoring your website’s goals. Ensure that the whole time you are bringing everything back to the ultimate purpose your website serves.
Coming soon: OK, so now I have goals and KPIs but how exactly do I monitor them?
Please feel free to comment on these posts as I am keenly interested to know of any value you are getting from them. If you want me to address any particular topics then jump on the comments and let me know!

I acknowledge Mr Kaushik’s work and recommend that for much greater detail and insight you visit his personal blog, Occam’s Razor.

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