Guru Analytics 4 – How Much Do Your Visitors Like You?

Guru Analytics 4 – How Much Do Your Visitors Like You?

Welcome back to Guru Analytics! Next on our journey through the teachings of the wise Avinash Kaushik, we are going to find out all about how much the people who visit your website, like your website.

 ‘Like’ is a fairly general term, so we will be looking at more quantifiable and measurable metrics. As in, what percentage of new visitors return to check out what you got? And how often did they come back, and over what timeframe? And lastly, a good measure of how engaged your visitors are would be to find out how long they are spending on your site.

Visitor Loyalty

The measure of this is to find out how many times people are visiting your site. Obviously, the more visits, the more they like what you are doing. All analytic platforms are going to show you this information. What you take away from it is what’s important.

If you were to find out that the majority of your visitors only stopped by your site once, then your interests would lie in the percentage of people who came back more often. You’d want to find out what they were getting up to, what was delivering them the most value, and then try and give that to the majority who are leaving.

Visitor Recency

Kaushik loves using Loyalty but also recommends checking out Visitor Recency. This report fills you in on the length of the gap between two visits from the same visitor. Does your site have staying power in the minds of your users? You can get a good understanding on your users’ behaviour via this report, and you can gain even more insight from segmenting this down to where they came from.

Length of Visit

When viewing this report, Kaushik advises to look for what are your users doing when they get to your site. Pay attention to the Length and Depth of your visitors’ interactions with your website. If they stay engaged for more than a few minutes, and view more than a few pages, then you know you’re doing something right.

Are you feeling the love now? Or do you feel like you need to work a little harder to gain the hearts of your target market? As we walk this road together we will be able to find out …

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