How Can A Social CRM Benefit Your Business?

How Can A Social CRM Benefit Your Business?

In my previous post, I touched on what a CRM is, and subsequently what a Social CRM is. Now that you have an idea, it would be prudent of me to give you the benefits of using a Social CRM, so here they are below.

1. Advanced Filters and Search – Your Social CRM should have the ability to utilise the social web, thus aiding in the conversation process. How will it aid in the conversation process you ask? A good Social CRM should have the capability to filter out the signals from the noise by allowing you to do real-time searches on specific keywords. Therefore you can pick out and focus on the topics you want to use to connect with your community.

2. Personification – Some Social CRMs have the ability to convert content into conversational posts, therefore helping to humanise your business. Online communities like to deal with real people, so it is important that you emphasize being personal. For some the transition from corporate lingo to first person speech might be hard, so this tool would definitely help them over that hurdle.

3. Build Experiences and Maintain Relationships – So many businesses neglect the importance of having great customer service. You must realise that when a potential customer is talking to you, they are giving you the chance to sell to them. Likewise, if they are already an existing customer and are speaking with you, then they probably want you to provide them with MORE or NEW products or services. The other end of the spectrum is if they are an angry or irate customer and are speaking with you, then they are giving you the chance to win them over again. It doesn’t matter what stage they are at in their buying cycle, a unique customer experience is important, and you should always be maintaining this relationship. Use your Social CRM to manage your customers’ experiences.

4. Expandable Database – With the social web constantly growing, a good Social CRM should allow you to constantly build up the profile and statistics of your customers. Some customers might only use one platform for certain things, so it is important that you find out as much as you can about them, and then in what ways you can use all this information. What is listed in the profile of one person’s social media account versus the profile of another account? Are they friends with one of their suppliers? Are you connected to them through 6 degrees of separation? The list of questions could go on but having this information will definitely help with finding out your buyer’s persona. Once you find this out, it is a matter of supplying that demand.

How often have you come across a situation where you knew there was bad press regarding one of your products but had NO idea where and when it was being mentioned? Or read somewhere that your company didn’t have any customer service, it was all just an automated machine? What about when you had so much information about a particular customer and ran out of text box fields so decided to just leave it out, only to grasp at straws 6 months later trying to figure out what it was? Having a Social CRM would seem a lot handier now wouldn’t it?

How would you use your Social CRM? Post your comments and feedbacks below!

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