How Do I Start With Mobile Marketing?

How Do I Start With Mobile Marketing?

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In a time where mobile marketing is reaching critical mass and is well past due being part of any company’s overall marketing mix, I often hear the question of “How do I start with this channel?”

My answer to this is quite simple and if you considered it for long enough I’m sure you would reach the same conclusion.

When making marketing decisions for your company, they are almost always based (at least to some degree) on historical data. Contributing factors can include:

  • Where your ads received the most interaction
  • Where your ads generated the most sales
  • Which one of your ads cost you the least
  • Which one of your ads added the most value, or ROI

Your decisions have been adding value or else you wouldn’t be where you are now. However, if you don’t have any of this data (specific to the new strategy that you want to get into, such as mobile marketing), then your next best bet is to look at companies that have already taken the leap of faith, and apply the lessons of their experiences to your own business. Things to consider:

How Do I Start With Mobile Marketing?

  • Why did they do it?
  • On what did they base their decisions?
  • What costs did they incur?
  • What was challenging about it?
  • What did they find easy?
  • Who did they get in touch with or speak to?
  • Did they get help from other people/businesses?
  • What wouldn’t they do again?
  • What would they do again?

The last question you want to ask is probably the most important:

  • What benefits or value adds did they receive from their campaign/strategy? Did it add to their bottom line? If not, why not?

The goal of all of this is to stamp your brand and authority across the mobile market before your competitors do. With an established foothold in this ubiquitous channel, you’ll doubtless be able to add to your company’s bottom line. Not to mention develop your professional reputation for being the first to implement a killer strategy.

Enlisting the help of a mobile marketing expert is another option you have to get started. They should have all the right tools to come up with a strategy and help you get your feet wet.

In my next post I’ll be going over the typical costs involved with mobile marketing, so stay tuned!

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