How Effective Is Your Landing Page?

How Effective Is Your Landing Page?

When it comes to determining how effective specific landing pages on your website are, it’s important to remember that conversion success can be dramatically increased when needless alternatives and disruptions are removed from the equation.

What does this mean? If a visitor lands on one of the pages of your site and is bombarded with too many alternatives and options the likelihood that they will actually enquire/buy will significantly decrease. It’s essential to remember that the design of the page should highlight the call the action you want your potential clients to take – make it simple and clear.

Ensure each page has one purpose
What is the particular objective of this page? Once you can define this, you can then drive your traffic to this page and with a clear message outlined – lift your conversion rate.

Remove distracting objects that may stop visitors completing your objective
Ensure each element on the page, such as images and photos lead visitors to complete your desired actions. If this is the case – then remove these elements as they will hinder visitors to your site from potentially converting.

What’s your call to action?
Highlight this, make it clear and test what works. If something doesn’t work for your visitors – then it’s time to try something new.

What about pop-ups?
These can either work for you or against you. If you require users to fill out information or personal details taking them off-site to a new window or launching a pop-up can disrupt the visitor. Too many clicks can lead a potential client to abandoning their trail of thought and can lead them to disengage with your message.

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