How Pinteresting…Pinterest’s New Secret Boards!

How Pinteresting…Pinterest’s New Secret Boards!

You may have heard that the fastest growing social media phenomenon, Pinterest, has recently released a new feature – Secret Boards.

Secret boards are a pinner’s fantasy, and they’ve been a long time coming.

So, what are secret boards?

As the name suggests, secret boards are well, secret. You can use secret boards to plan a special event, work on a project or keep track of gifts and while you can keep the boards to yourself, you can also share them with friends and family and even invite others to collaborate.


Anything you pin on a secret board won’t be searchable which means that it won’t turn up in search results, in your followers’ home feeds or even your own home feed. Meaning there’s no need to worry about your best friend accidentally stumbling upon your cunning plan for their surprise birthday party!

While Pinterest secret boards are limited to only 3 per person at the moment, there is still great scope for creativity in both personal and business pinterests.

Some Ideas for Personal Secret Boards

  • Event planning. The possibilities for event planning are endless. The ‘surprise birthday party’ board is one example, but you could also plan your wedding (and particularly your wedding dress!) so that guests (and the groom) are surprised on the day.
  • Christmas gifts. Note the strategic timing of Pinterest’s release of the secret boards – just in time for the gift-giving season! Now you can collect unique present ideas in one spot without fearing an email hack or a bookmarks trawl.
  • Cringe-worthy obsessions. Whether you’re secretly in love with Justin Bieber or whether you just can’t get over your obsession with cats, now you have a secret, central place to collect and gaze at the images without fear of judgement.

Some Ideas for Business Secret Boards

  • Client collaboration.  Imagine being a designer and sharing a board with one of your clients – your client can pin their vision, and you can supplement it with your own. While this wouldn’t be the primary channel of communication, it could be an incredible value-adding activity that can really get the client involved in the process.
  • Office communication. Whether you’re about to launch a new product or whether you’re tossing up between a few re-vamped logo options, secret boards are a great way to keep staff  in the loop.
  • Team building. Don’t stop at just keeping staff in the loop, why not use Pinterest to get your team involved in creating boards that represent how they see the company at the moment and then another that represents where they would like to see the company in the future? You never know what good ideas can come out of it!

How Do I Create a Secret Board?

There are 2 ways to create a secret board. You can either:

  • Scroll down to the bottom of your profile page and click ‘create a Secret Board’ or
  • Click Add+ in the top right-hand corner, select Create Board and turn the Secret Button to On.

Things to Know About Secret Boards

  • You can’t make an existing board secret because your pins may have already been repinned to someone else’s board
  • You can’t change a board back to secret once it’s been made visible
  • If you’re invited to join someone’s secret board, the creator of the board can make it visible at anytime so make sure you don’t pin anything you might not want pinners outside the board to see

So  now that you have the ‘secret board 4-1-1’, will you be using the exciting new feature? I know I will!


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