How to Create Content People Will Want To Link To

How to Create Content People Will Want To Link To

A blog is a very powerful SEO tool that I encourage all my clients to invest time in developing. Not only does it encourage you to stay abreast of what is going on in your industry, it serves multiple purposes beneficial to any search engine marketing initiative.

Ultimately, a blog contributes to your page count, keeps your site fresh and relevant, and provides content that people can link to. In addition, a blog acts as a resource for your business that your customers can reference. In this client facing capacity, your blog reinforces why people should do business with you.

The following tips are here to provide you with some direction on how to specifically write posts that will appeal to people who might link to you. Asking for links is good if you have the contacts. If you don’t have any friends with cool websites then check out below how to attract links through a relevant and intelligent blog.

1. Scope out the competition and identify your link market

See how people already utilising this strategy are making it work for them by check out who is linking to your competitors. Pay particular attention to the deeper pages and what type of information they are linking to. Brainstorm similar topics you could write about or expand upon.

2. Identify your angle

After you find the pages that are attracting links in your industry, try asking fellow bloggers about what topics they would like to see researched and written about. It might be hit and miss but the information you get will be worth every minute spent ensuring you are not wasting your time.

3. Write it up

You heard me!

4. Promote your content

Approach the bloggers you did your research with, find other bloggers to recommend the content to, chat to people on forums about the article, and ask people their opinions. If you’re really good then you can spread the word via social media.

I hope you got some good ideas and info out of this article. Please share it with your friends and link to it from your blog if you rate it. I’d like to thank Melissa from Distilled for inspiring this post. You can find the original here.

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