How Will Facebook Changes Affect Businesses?

How Will Facebook Changes Affect Businesses?

Wow! In the past month or so there have been quite a few changes to Facebook, affecting all aspects and users of the social goliath. I will touch on them briefly to give you an idea of what these changes may mean to you and your business.

1. Pages – Three new updates to Facebook Pages have appeared in the last few weeks. The first is the new pictures across the top of the Page, similar to that of an individual user’s profile page. The second is the new Page navigation which bestows the ability to interact with other users and related Pages – again, this is similar to the layout of an individual user’s account. Lastly, comments posted to the Page will appear in order of ‘relevancy’, which according to Facebook’s algorithm means items that have the most user interaction, i.e. comments and ‘Likes’.

2. Like to replace Share button – This update is pretty straightforward. Now when users ‘Like’ a particular Page, this is shared on their wall and profile so that other users are able to see it.

3. iFrames & FBJS to replace FBML – This is a major change to the way Pages will be developed as of March 11, 2011. Prior to this update being announced, FBML (Facebook Markup Language) was the primary way for Page owners to develop custom landing pages and make their own page unique to all others. When the iFrames and FBJS (Facebook JavaScript) comes into effect, it will essentially replace any further production in FBML, and all existing Pages using FBML will be eventually phased out. The use of iFrames also means that Page owners will be able to pull existing web content from their official website and place this within Facebook itself.

4. New Comments social plug-in – This will place more emphasis on the friends who are more important in your social graph. It will also allow you to pull comments and/or news feeds from other third party websites, according to

Judging by all these new integrations to Pages, what does Facebook ultimately have in mind for its business user base? Looking at all the above together, Facebook seems to be pushing towards moving existing online businesses that operate off their own websites, to operating from Facebook itself. Statistics show that Australians are spending a vast amount of their time on social networking websites, so what better way to target the potential buyers than to keep them glued to the one page? Think about this – comments from your website coming into Facebook, pages from your website to be viewed within iFrames on Facebook, not to mention the ability for consumers to purchase directly from Facebook using e-commerce software like BigCommerce. Business Pages being able to navigate and interact with users like any other individual profile again ties in with the idea that businesses should be personified as well as maintaining relationships!

So, what do you think of the recent changes to Facebook? Do you think your business will benefit if everything was shifted to function out of Facebook? Would this help your business communicate more effectively with your potential buyers? Will it enable you to seek out the important buyer personas you want to target at a more personal level?

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