Google Chrome Market Share Battle

Google Chrome Market Share Battle

It was posted today in the financial times that the online search engine giant Google, in an attempt to improve the market share of its browser Chrome have now partnered up with Sony.

Sony will now as a standard feature have Google Chrome installed on all of its Vaio Computers.

Recent market research shows that the Current market share of internet browsers is divided up with Internet explorer taking first place with a 67.7 percent market share. Firefox further increasing it share to 22.5 percent; Apple Mac’s Safari browser is now taking a 4.1 percent share, leaving Google’s Chrome at only 2.59%.

It has been close to a year since Google first launched its Chrome browser. I would be right to assume that this percent market share is far below the company’s expectations.

Google is confident that this partnership will play a large role in their attempt to improving their market share and getting people familiar with the new browser. This will work in conjunction with a separate experimental deal to have Chrome be an optional addition when installing realplayer (a popular media player).

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