Integrating Online & Offline


Integrating with your offline activities

One of the primary dividing lines in modern marketing is the split between offline and online – but does it have to be so distinct? It is possible to have the best of both worlds, and we can show you how. Our team has worked with many brands, who’ve favoured building both their online and offline presence. We’ve improved the interaction and coherence of strategies between these two major areas.

Our specialty is online

E-Web Marketing is primarily an online marketing company, but we understand offline advertising too. We bring many years’ worth of online marketing experience and pair that up with your existing capabilities.


Improving accountability and tracking

A major strength in online marketing is the ability to accurately track the interactions between your marketing spend and the returns that it offers. We bring some of that value with us, when we build the bridge between online and offline marketing.


To demonstrate what we mean, let’s look at offline marketing campaigns (bus ads, TV ads, newspaper ads and more). These often send people online via a specific URL, which can be tracked for inbound visits and conversions – bringing more accountability to your offline marketing spend.

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