Introduction to Link Building – Part 2

Introduction to Link Building – Part 2

I’m back again to guide you through the wonderful world or link building! To quickly recap what was said last week:

  • Industry related links are better than non-industry related links.
  • Directories aren’t as good as they were, but still vital in any link building campaign.
  • Forums are a good source of links, but you need to remember to act like a consumer.

There are still a number of places to source links, some better than others and some more time consuming than others – always keep in the back of your mind a return vs. time spent. If it will take 4 hours to write a letter and a proposal to get a PR1 link, forget it!

Information / E-Commerce Websites

This is by far the hardest way to build links, but is also the most rewarding. A link from an industry-related website that requires the web admin to actually put your link onto the site is very authoritive. The best way to approach this is a “business opportunity that will benefit both businesses”. It can sometimes be very tricky if you don’t have a pre-existing relationship with the organisation. And depending on the level of web knowledge, a lot of the time the website owner will just say no.

When searching for people to proposition for links, it is best to source websites that rank above you for certain keywords. It isn’t a good idea to get links from competitors who rank lower, as if this becomes a reciprocal link you are basically telling Google that they are more important than you – which is a no no.

Another strategy is to search for websites that are industry-related, but sell to a different demographic or geographical location. Try searching,, etc etc. It is sometime easier to get, and you might even be able to generate a long lasting business partnership with referrals and sales!

Blog comments

If you own or operate a blog you you can spot link building a mile away. I own, run and monitor many blogs, and the spam that I see is sometimes mind boggling! The same message spammed over and over until the spam filter catches it. 

When link building, using blogs the easiest way to get around this is… wait for it…. READ THE BLOG!! If you post something that is related to the blog, or even reply to another comment that another “user” has posted, chances are you will get a link. It also isn’t a good idea to use a keyword as your user name – which is sometime hard when you are link building for a specific keyword. If you can use HTML in the comment itself it is better to use a real name, without a website, and simply comment on the blog with a contextual link to your site – the changes of this getting approved is much higher as well.

Link building part 3 to come next week!

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