iPhone 4.0 Now Able to Multitask!

iPhone 4.0 Now Able to Multitask!

In the normal fashion, for CEO Steve Jobs, Apple unveiled the new iPhone operation system update at an event at their headquarters in Cupertino, California. The major feature of this update is the ability to multitask, this means that users will now be able to run multiple programs at the same time. This is a massive update for the market leader, but it’s not all they are updating…

  1. Folders will be added for increased usability for data storage, even with a drag and drop feature. This change will increase the number of apps you can visually see from 180 to 2160.
  2. Mail is changing, multiple mail accounts will be displayed in the one inbox, and multiple exchange accounts will be supported.
  3. iBooks will be introduced to the iPhone and iPod touch.
  4. Enterprise. Apple is introducing more advanced email encryption, mobile management and deployment management tools, and also a wireless app distribution for push applications, and support for SSL and VPN.
  5. Game Centre, social gaming network, think Xbox live for the iPhone.
  6. iAd, Apple recognises that non-mobile adds are not nearly as effective on mobile devices. Apple want to introduce T.V. style adds to applications, and these would be viewed without the user leaving the application.

Apple has said that there will be more than 100 new features available on the 3GS, most will be available on the 3G and the iPod touch 2G, but due to hardware limitations multitasking will not… FAIL!. This update should be available during the US Summer or Aussie Winter.

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