Is Twitter Destined to Become the New Google?

Is Twitter Destined to Become the New Google?

In the world of Search, Google is undoubtedly king. However, the time may have arrived where there is a valiant competitor ready to knock Google off its perch.
Intrigued? I’m talking about the new social media craze – Twitter of course.

The brilliance of Twitter is that online conversations happen in real-time and so this has the opportunity to present users with a more relevant and compelling search experience.
However, at this stage Twitter is still very much in its infancy and cannot answer the vast number of queries like a search engine can presently. Will this change as more and more users log on and infiltrate Twitter?
As this social media marketing tool collects data, it may become more sophisticated in nature and become a new force in search.

Tapping into the mind of search marketing guru, Rand Fishkin (CEO of he believes that the limitiation of Twitter in toppling Google is this:

Google answers an inherent need that has existed since the web’s inception: users must navigate to web sites and pages that contain desired information. Twitter cannot achieve this function and therefore cannot be a replacement for Google in search.”

With this in mind, where does Twitter sit in amongst the search market – and is this really the question to be asking at all?
At this stage Twitter cannot cover all of the topics that Google can, so this blogger will continue to use Twitter as a reference point to gain further information from search results uncovered in Google.

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