It's the Internet, Stupid (INFOGRAPHIC)

It's the Internet, Stupid (INFOGRAPHIC)

Are you tired of trying to explain to your stiff-necked, old school marketing team that the Internet is kind of a big deal?

To be abundantly clear, I’m not talking about having a website. Nearly every company has a website. Your 12 year old daughter has a website. A website does not equal a marketing plan.

Resistance to Internet marketing is what I think of as a “phone book problem” – something that should no longer exist yet inexplicably still does.

Here’s a fun story to illustrate this problem in the real world. A client of mine called up a few months ago to inform me that he had been denied approval for a budget increase for his company’s Pay Per Click advertising campaign. The AdWords campaign had been kicking butt and taking names to the tune of about $6 in gross revenue for every $1 spent. With hard data proving 6:1 ROI, my client, a brand manager for one of his company’s flagship products, had pushed for his marketing director to expand this extremely successful AdWords campaign to other major product lines.

Naturally, my first reaction was to ask why. Somewhat sheepishly, my client told me that his marketing director had just allocated $1 million dollars of their advertising budget to television. This took budget away from growing the PPC campaign – or any of the company’s other online marketing channels, for that matter. Out of morbid curiosity, I asked how the marketing director was planning to measure the ROI on his TV ads, and was rewarded with one of the most memorable lines of 2011:

“He says he just knows it will work.”


Alas, this sort of thing happens much more than it should in this upstanding nation, envied by the less fortunate as a bastion of civilisation and enlightenment. We have universal health care, public schooling, free speech … and marketing directors who “just know” that their million dollars will not simply evaporate into the VHF waves (perhaps nobody told them about TiVo).

If this story sounds familiar at all to you, and you dread the prospect of another year battling with your Jurassic-era colleagues about whether buying a $50,000 package with the print Yellow Pages is such a good idea when most people just turn to Google Places, then we hope that our infographic with the latest online consumer and marketing trends in Australia can be of some help.

And please, for the greater good of switched-on marketers everywhere, be kind-hearted and share it around.


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